Facebook Pending Friend Requests I sent

facebook friend request i sent

How to View and Search Pending Friend request list – You may have sent several friend requests on Facebook.

Of course, every Facebook user can eager to know which friend requests are not met or confirmed yet. In fact, pending friend requests on the Facebook timeline are requests that have not yet been verified.

facebook friend request i sent
Facebook friend request I sent

But unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t support any option or functionality to see pending friend requests directly.

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Yes, it was possible to see the pending friend request list in the ‘Edit Contacts’ section of the’ Settings’ section of the older layout, but it is now inaccessible. Don’t get angry, but we have several alternatives in the Facebook timeline to view all unconfirmed or pending friend requests together.

How to Check Pending Friend Requests On Facebook – Facebook Pending Friend Request list view

You will certainly get an idea about FB’s pending friend requests via this post. So there are a variety of options for reviewing pending requests.

Out of them, I found the easiest way to use a Facebook app called “FriendRequests“. You can access this App at apps.facebook.com/friendrequests

So, here we go:

1. Log in to your Facebook account.

2. Navigate to http://apps.facebook.com/friendrequests/ ,

3. Click on “Go to App” and give access to App by clicking ‘Allow’,

4. Then, you will redirect to a page like this. If you want to check a particular person’s friend request status, you can paste his timeline link/URL to the place given, if you want to check the entire pending friend request status click on ‘Bulk Load’

5. When you click on the Bulk Load, will get a page like this, where you want to upload the ‘Friend Request data’ to the App. Follow the instructions given, and paste the text and click on Load Friend Request.

6. Now you will see the list of people who are not confirmed your friend request, Here is the screenshot, now just click “Cancel Request” to delete that request.

You can delete, undo or cancel a friend request from someone using this app, then click on his name. Then you will see a cross mark beside the line ‘Awaiting friend request’ in his profile frame. In order to cancel the submission, click on the cross symbol.

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