Watch PS5 Spider Man Trailer Starring Miles Morales – PlayStation Live

Spider-Man’s New PS5 Game Stars Miles Morales – Miles Morales is finally getting his own Spider-Man game, Sony revealed during its PS5 event today. It’s called Spider-Man Miles Morales and is headed to PS5 sometime this holiday season. View trailer for ps5 spiderman below:

Players have been waiting for something like this to get announced ever since it was hinted at back during the original game. Morales was playable in a few stealth missions, but nothing more. Then a mid-credits stinger suggested he might take on a more prominent role in a follow-up.

Morales was first introduced into the Marvel comic book universe back in 2011 in a separate continuity in which Peter Parker dies and Morales replaces him as the series’ first black Spider-Man. That continuity was eventually merged into Marvel’s main one in an absurd and incomprehensible series of extremely comic book events, paving the way for Morales and Parker to both coexist as Spider-Man and continue on in separate series.

While inspired by the comics, the PS4 Spider-Man game had its own take on the mythology, and seemed to be setting Morales up to be mentored by Parker. Based on the limited footage Sony showed it seems like whatever happens in Spider-Man Miles Morales will see its titular character become the city’s newest superhero.

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