Facebook Secret Crush Feature: Facebook Dating 2022

Facebook Secret Crush Feature

It is no more news that Facebook introduced a dating feature to the site because a lot of relationships got established on the dating site. See more about dating on this Facebook secret crush feature.

 Facebook Secret Crush Feature

How did the news of the new Facebook dating site meet you? Were you excited or were you surprised? well/ som many other users were super excited as they foresaw the feature to be a lifesaver in starting a relationship.

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Facebook was never expected to join sites like Bumble, tinder, and Hinch, etc in the dating business, in fact, a lot of subscribers believed it would just settle for keeping people in close contact with their friends, acquaintances, and loved ones regardless of the distance apart.

But taking a close look at it, would you not say that from the onset, Facebook has always been a dating site?. Of course, it has been.

Day in day out, from just getting casually in touch with friends on the platform, people got involved in romantic relationships which in some cases had led to marriages, or, would you say you never found such attachment on the platform?

The official introduction of the dating app on the app, therefore, was just to maintain ease on the platform which has always been the aim of the Facebook team__ to make the site convenient and easy to use by its subscribers.

However, whilst every single on the Facebook social media platform embraced the dating feature and made good use of it, one very feature on the site has been given greater attention than you can imagine.

The feature in question is the Facebook secret crush feature. If you have used the Facebook dating app, you will have a better understanding of the secret crush feature but if you haven’t, patiently read through the article.

Facebook Secret Crush Feature

Facebook dating is available in 19 countries around the globe including the United States. The Facebook dating feature is one that lets users easily find love through simple things and what they like.

However, here is a feature that now lets users see which friends that may be romantically interested in them. Well, everyone making use of Facebook dating is looking for a romantic relationship of course.

But with the secret crush feature, it is a more direct approach. It is more like you are bypassing all the personal introductions and all.

This feature the secret crush lets you add up to nine Facebook friends and Instagram followers. Normally Facebook does not let you add your friends on the platform or those in your circle.

But with this feature, you can opt to add up to nine of your Facebook friends including your Instagram followers to a list.

And in case a friend you added to this list has opted to make use of the Facebook dating feature likes you back, he or she gets a notification immediately letting them know that someone has liked them.

On the other hand, if they add you back to their own secret crush list, you both get notified. If the person does not add you back to his or her own list you stay anonymous.

That is, the person in question does not know your name he or she only knows that they have been added to a secret crush list.

Unlike before when the platform was launched, Facebook users can now add their Facebook friends who have not yet created a dating profile.

This could however encourage them to create a dating profile. Who doesn’t want to see the friends who secretly like them? Well, my thought.

How To Get Started With The Secret Crush Dating Feature On Facebook Dating

Getting started with this feature is simple. You will have to create a dating profile on Facebook.

And since the dating feature on this social media platform is embedded within the Facebook main app, you will also need to have a personal profile before you can create a dating profile.

If you don’t have a Facebook account, you will need to create one now. To create a Facebook account, go to www.facebook.com/signup.

On your Facebook account page, you will find the dating icon on the top page where the watch and groups icon is located.

Tap or click this icon to get started with setting up your own profile. You can import pieces of information from your Facebook profile or Instagram account when setting up your dating profile.

Pieces of information that may be used in setting up your profile on Facebook dating are your profile picture and your name.

You may need to enter other pieces of information such as your gender, date of birth, and others. Or you can simply go to www.facebook.com/dating to get started.

That will be all onFacebook secret crush feature, for now, hope this was helpful. Do leave a comment behind, thanks.

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