Enable Facebook Dark Mode (Desktop & Mobile App Guide)

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The dark mode is a wonderful feature in which anyone who has used it has fallen in love. This is because it minimizes eye strains when you use dark mode in a low light setting. There have also been reports that dark mode actually decreases your computer’s power consumption, thereby keeping the device running for longer.

App developers incorporate this role into nearly all their applications, finding that dark mode has these and many other advantages. And it’s not left out on Facebook. In this post, you will learn how to enable dark mode for desktop and mobile apps (Android & iOS) on Facebook and enable dark mode for Android and iOS smartphone apps on Facebook Messenger.

Guide to Enabling Facebook Dark Mode for Desktop users.

First, Sign in to your Facebook account from your computer.

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Now, click on the down arrow at the top-right corner. This arrow is called Account. It is where you go to access the Settings of Facebook.

Guide to Enabling Facebook Dark Mode for Desktop user step 1

The next thing to do is to click on the Display Preferences in the dropdown menu.

Guide to Enabling Facebook Dark Mode for Desktop user step 2

Finally, under the Dark Mode section, check the On radio box to enable the Dark Mode, or the Off radio box, to disable the Dark Mode feature.

Guide to Enabling Facebook Dark Mode for Desktop user step 3


Guide to Enabling Dark Mode on Facebook App for Android & iOS

After you have open, and sign in to your account on the Facebook mobile app on your Android or iOS smartphone, tap on the 3 horizontal lines located at the top-right corner for Android or bottom-right for iOS.

Now, expand the Settings & Privacy section, and tap on Dark Mode.

Finally, tap to check the On radio box so that the dark mode feature of the Facebook app will be enabled.

Note: as of when I was writing this article, the dark mode feature for the Facebook mobile app is just being rolled out. So, if you cannot see the Dare Mode option when you expand the Settings & Privacy section, do not despair. Just wait for some days, update your Facebook app, and check back again.

Activating Dark Mode for Facebook Messenger App (Android & iOS)

Step 1: Open the Messenger app and sign in to your account.

Step 2: After signing in, tap on your Profile icon avatar, which is at the top-left corner. This will open the Profile Settings page.

Step 3: On the Profile Settings page, tap on Dark Mode. This is usually the first option on the Profile Settings page.

Step 4: The final step is to tap the On option. This will add a checkmark to the option and then enable the dark mode feature.

So, you’ve got it there. These are the steps involved in enabling the Facebook desktop, Facebook app, and Facebook Messenger app to activate the dark mode functionality. Have fun talking and keeping up to date on Facebook with friends and family.

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