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ICAN Pathfinder Download complete versions here. Complete Past Questions and Answers from May 2011 to November 2022.

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update: ICAN Nov 2022 pathfinder is now available. Download the ican pathfinder Nov 2022 here.

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ICAN Pathfinders – Foundation

Subjects treated in a typical Foundation Examination include Financial Accounting, Management Information, Quantitative Techniques in Business, Business & Finance, Business Law.

Use the links below to download Past Question Papers, Suggested Solutions, and Marking Guides Plus Examiner’s Reports for ICAN Foundation Level Examinations.

Foundation Nov 2022

Foundation May 2022

Foundation Nov 2021

Foundation May 2021

Foundation Nov 2020

Foundation March July 2020

Foundation Nov 2019

Foundation May 2019

Foundation Nov 2018

Foundation May 2018

Foundation November 2017

Foundation May 2017

Foundation November 2016

Foundation May 2016

Foundation November 2015

Foundation May 2015

Foundation November 2014

Foundation May 2014

Foundation November 2013

Foundation May 2013

Foundation November 2012

Foundation May 2012

Foundation November 2011

Foundation May 2011

ICAN Pathfinders – Skills

Subjects in a typical ICAN Skills Examination include Financial Reporting, Taxation, Performance Management, Audit and Assurance, Public Sector Accounting and Finance, Management and Governance Ethics.

Use any of the links below to download Skills Level Examination Past Question Papers, Suggested Solutions Plus Examiners’ Reports.

Skills Nov 2022

Skills May 2022

Skills Nov 2021

Skills May 2021

Skills Nov 2020

Skills March July 2020

Skills Nov 2019

Skills May 2019

Skills Nov 2018

Skills May 2018

Skills November 2017

Skills May 2017

Skills November 2016

Skills May 2016

Skills November 2015

Skills May 2015

Skills November 2014

ICAN Pathfinders – Professional

Contents of typical Professional Level Exams cover subjects like Corporate Reporting, Advanced Taxation, Strategic Financial Management, Advanced Audit and Assurance.

Use any of the links below to download Past Questions for professionals. There are Question Papers, Suggested Solutions, Marking Guides & Examiner’s Reports

Professional Nov 2022

Professional May 2022

Professional Nov 2021

Professional May 2021

Professional Nov 2020

Professional March/July 2020

Professional Nov 2019

Professional May 2019

Professional Nov 2018

Professional May 2018

Professional November 2017

Professional May 2017

Professional November 2016

Professional May 2016

Professional November 2015

Professional May 2015

Professional November 2014

Professional May 2014

Professional II May 2014

Professional November 2013

Professional May 2013

Professional II May 2013

Professional November 2012

Professional II November 2012

Professional May 2012

Professional II May 2012

Professional November 2011

Professional II November 2011

Professional II May 2011

ICAN Pathfinders – Intermediate

Subjects in intermediate include Costing and Quantitative Techniques, Audit and Assurance, Taxation, Business communication and Research methodology.

Download Past Questions, Suggested Solutions Plus Examiners’ Reports. Use any of the link below to start downloads:

Intermediate May 2014

Intermediate November 2013

Intermediate May 2013

Intermediate May 2012

Intermediate November 2012

Intermediate November 2011

Intermediate May 2011

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