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ICAN is the only Nigerian professional accountancy body recognized by the International Federation of Accountants, (IFAC). Its full meaning is the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria and, it is so far the largest professional accountancy body in the whole of Africa.

On registration, you have to prepare seriously for the exams just as you would do to write JAMB. Having successfully taken the examination, you should not kill yourself trying to check the result because I have provided you a simple way to check your result without stress, just read on.

ican result checker

How to Check ICAN Result

If you had sat for the 2019 ICAN examination, Follow the steps below to access your result.

  1. Visit http://icanig.org/new/students/professional-exam-results
  2. Select Exam Diet (May or November)
  3. Select Examination Level
  4. Enter Student Examination Number
  5. Enter Student Registration Number (six digits registration number e.g. 056777, 005644. Prefix number part with zero(s) to make up six digits.)
  6. Enter your Exam Registration E-Voucher ( 12 Digits PIN gotten at the point of exam registration)
  7. Click on check exam result

Download the Result PDF List.

Another way to check the ICAN Result it to download the pdf result

The PDF lists are usually sent to various tuition houses by ICAN. This is the list that is usually passed around on social media.

For now, since the exams have not yet been taken in 2020, the only available result will be that of 2019 and the ones were taken in previous years.

The list shows the result for three levels and you are to just locate the level in which you applied for and check your detail and your corresponding result respectively.

The levels are:

  1. Foundation Level
  2. Skill Level
  3. Professional Level

Congratulations in advance on your success, please share this link with your friends.


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