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Are you an accountant? Is it your dream to be known globally? Do not worry again. With this article, you are just a registration away from your dreams. By this, I mean registering for ICAN is all you need for your dreams to come true.

ICAN registration
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) is one of the most esteemed accounting bodies in Nigeria. Accounting students and other interested candidates who obtain a qualifying certificate from ICAN are recognized and inducted into this prestigious institution.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of registering for ICAN, covering the requirements, steps, and everything you need to know about ICAN registration.

About ICAN

ICAN is Nigeria’s professional accounting body, established by the Act of Parliament No. 15 of September 1, 1965. Its mission is to produce world-class chartered accountants, regulate their practice, and continuously enhance their ethical standards and technical competence in the public interest.

Over the years, ICAN has certified more than 62,000 public accountants working across various sectors of the economy.


To be a leading global Professional body.


To produce world-class Chartered Accountants, regulate and continually enhance their ethical standards and technical competence in the public interest.


Accuracy and Integrity


Integrity, Objectivity, Professional Competence and Due Care, Confidentiality, Professional behavior.

In fulfilling its mission, the Institute has certified over 58,000 Chartered Accountants, who are talented, ethically committed professionals working in every sphere of the Nigerian economy and other countries.

They support businesses, public sector organizations, academia, not-for-profits, individuals and communities in achieving their financial and strategic goals.


  • ICAN is a founding and prominent member of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC).
  • ICAN has been active in IFAC at the Board and Committee levels to date.
  • In addition, the Institute plays leadership roles in the African Continent and West African Sub-Region.
  • ICAN is a founding member of the Association of Accountancy Bodies in West Africa ABWA formed in 1982.
  • It also joined other bodies to form the Pan African Federation of Accountants (PAFA) and produced its first President in 2011.
  • ICAN is also a member of Chartered Accountants Worldwide (CAW).

Key Duties of ICAN

The institute performs the following key duties:

  • Setting Standards: ICAN determines the levels of knowledge and skill required for individuals seeking to join the accounting profession and raises those standards as circumstances allow.
  • Maintaining Registers: ICAN maintains registers of fellows, associates, and registered accountants entitled to practice as accountants and auditors. These registers are regularly published.
  • Other Functions: Through its Council, ICAN carries out additional functions conferred upon it by the Act.

ICAN Examination

ICAN conducts two examinations: the Professional Examinations (PE) and the Accounting Technicians’ Scheme West Africa (ATSWA) Examinations.

Holders of a Bachelor’s degree or Higher National Diploma in any discipline obtained from recognized tertiary Institutions and holders of the ICAN AAT qualification are eligible to sit for the Institute’s Professional Examinations.

Candidates for the ATS examinations must have five Ordinary Level credits (including English and Mathematics) obtained at not more than two sittings.

On completion of these examinations, students are eligible for admission to membership of the Institute subject to the attainment of the minimum work experience

Eligibility for ICAN Certification

Every graduate is eligible for ICAN certification, regardless of their class of degree. To apply for ICAN, you must have the following documents:

  1. Degree Certificate: If you hold a university degree or Higher National Diploma (HND) from an accredited polytechnic, you’re eligible.
  2. O’level Result: Ensure you have credits in at least five subjects, including English Language and Mathematics, in the West Africa School Certificate Examination (WASCE), General Certificate of Education (GCE), or Senior School Certificate of Education (SSCE).
  3. Passport Photograph: Provide a recent passport-sized photograph.

ICAN Registration Requirements

The specific documents required for ICAN registration depend on whether you’re a professional student or an Accounting Technicians Scheme for West Africa (ATSWA) student:

For Professional Students:

  • University degree certificate or HND from an accredited polytechnic.
  • Any other qualification currently approved by the ICAN Council.

For ATSWA Students:

  • Five (5) credit passes in any subject, including English Language and Mathematics, in the WASCE, GCE, SSCE, or NECO (not more than two sittings).
  • Ordinary National Diploma of any Polytechnic recognized by the Council of the Institute
  • National Certificate in Education (NCE) from any College of Education.
  • Fulfill other requirements as specified by ICAN.

How to Register for ICAN

Here is a detailed guide on how to register for ICAN:

  1. Visit ICAN’s Website: Go to the official ICAN website to begin your registration process.
  2. Choose Your Category: Select whether you’re a professional student or an ATSWA student.
  3. Complete the Registration Form: Fill in the necessary details, upload the required documents, and pay the registration fee.
  4. Attend ICAN Tutorial Centers: Consider joining ICAN-approved tuition centers to prepare effectively for the exams. These centres provide guidance on ICAN dos and don’ts, registration, examinations, and question-answering techniques.
  5. Stay Informed: Regularly check ICAN’s website for updates, exam schedules, and other relevant information.

Detailed Steps to Register for ICAN

  1. Go to any commercial bank in Nigeria and pay the professional examination registration fee of ₦7,000 (not including any charges) via Pay Direct. You can also pay on the ICAN website.
  2. After you have paid the fee, go to the website indicated on your receipt and register there.
  3. Get a coloured passport-format photo of yourself.
  4. Scan it and add it to the registration form. Print the finished application form and sign it.
  5. Find a chartered accountant sponsor/referee and provide their name, membership number, and contact number.
  6. Take your completed application to your sponsor/referee so that they can certify it. If you are registering using your AAT results, you will also need to pay ₦23,500 for induction/conference and add the receipt to your application.
  7. In addition to that, you will need to attach the original PIN voucher; the original Pay Direct receipt and two certified copies of passport photos.

Professional Students – Apply Here

Atswa Students – Apply Here

Become an ACA member – Apply Here

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Becoming a chartered accountant through ICAN opens doors to exciting career opportunities. Follow the registration process diligently, study hard, and embark on your journey toward professional excellence.

We wish you all the best!

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