Nigerian College of Accountancy, Jos 2022

What is NCA?

The Nigerian College of Accountancy (NCA) was established by the Association of National Accountants of Nigeria in 1994. The Nigerian College of Accountancy is located in Jos, Nigeria. Jos is the capital city of Plateau State. The Nigerian College of Accountancy is the training of ANAN ( Association of National Accountants of Nigeria). NCA’s mission is to advance science of Accountancy in Nigeria, pioneering a multi-disciplinary emphasis in the production of well rounded, well blended and well-honed professionals profound in knowledge, skillful in practice and ethical  in conduct.

About NCA

In the pioneer year of the NCA in 1984/ 1985 session, only 10 professional students were admitted. As at 1988, the college had stopped receiving students due to the difficult situation which it faced and such was synonymous to colleges in those early days. NCA reopened in the 1994/ 1995 session and as at students.

Structure of NCA

The NCA is headed by a Director General who is a Certified National Accountant. The Director General is usually a member and or secretary of the governing board.

The system of lecturing at the NCA is largely workshop and tutorial oriented.

The NCA is a place where a polytechnic or university Accounting graduate is given proper professional education and training by experienced professional experts with sound educational background. Visiting lecturers with wide practical experiences are periodically invited to provide tutorials to complement the formal lectures which students receive in the college.

Should you study at NCA?

NCA emphasizes practice and integrity. The training procedures at NCA imparts knowledge, aptitude, skill, competence, judgement in the application of these factors to problems in real life situations. NCA also emphasizes pro ethics such as mode of dressing, sufficiency of skills,  development of personal confidence, self-criticism and caution which reduces the possibilities of mistakes and help increase acceptable ethical standards in serving the public.

Admission into NCA

Admission into NCA usually starts in September and continues till May in the following year, every year.

Admission Requirement into NCA

You may be interested in seeking admission in the Nigerian College of Accountancy or you may know someone who is, below are the requirements to getting admitted into the Nigerian College of Accountancy.

  1. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Accountancy of any recognized Nigerian University, or any approved overseas University.
  2. Higher National Diploma in Accountancy (HND) of any approved Nigerian Polytechnic.

Please note:

  1. Holders of B.Sc./ HND in Banking and Finance, Economics and Business Administration may be admitted to the conversion Programme, which after a successful completion in nine months, qualifies a candidate for admission to the Professional class.
  2. Any applicant who is a graduate of an Overseas University/ College is required to provide a Transcript of his academic records properly issued and signed by the Registrar of that institution.

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