Top Online Accounting Degree AACSB Accredited Colleges

Accredited universities have met stringent requirements and are dedicated to maintaining and improving the credibility of their accountancy and business courses. Accredited schools are subjected to a five-year periodic performance review process to independently confirm that their instructional methods meet their high requirements.

AACSB accreditation is by far the most prestigious and well-known form of professional accreditation available to a university and its business schools.

Accreditation is a non-governmental course of action that involves an independent examination of a school’s vision, faculty credentials, courses, and capacity to provide high-quality programs.

The AACSB has been around for almost a century and is largely regarded as a pioneer in business school evaluation. It was formed by a consortium of American universities in an effort to build a consistent evaluation system and define criteria for business schools.

Since then, the organization’s reach has grown from the United States to North America and, consequently, many other countries across the world.

One of its main objectives is to promote communication and engagement among corporations, students, organizations, and faculty members. This guarantees that educational initiatives are relevant to today’s corporate environment, and that programs produce competent, professional graduates.


Texas State University comes in first on our ranking. The school has a student-to-faculty ratio of 20:1 and about 32,000 undergraduates. Texas State University attracts a large number of students because of the high-quality education it provides to area communities.

In fact, students frequently sing the school’s praises for the variety of degree options it provides. It’s worth noting that most online programs in Texas aren’t entirely online. This is because students must attend at least 15 credit hours in a traditional classroom setting in order to meet CPA requirements in Texas.

This means that while making any kind of decision, students in Texas should take into account the distance between home and university. Even if you don’t meet the CPA standards, you can still get an excellent education at TSU.


Auburn University is near the 2nd spot. Auburn is regarded as being among the best universities in the country. Indeed, Auburn is ranked 9th in the Accounting Rankings for Universities by Brigham Young University, another well-known college for its business disciplines.

Auburn University has about 27,000 students enrolled in over 140-degree programs, making it among the largest colleges in the south. Auburn’s online accounting course sets itself apart from its competitors because it is specifically designed to assist students who currently hold a degree and are looking for a new career path.

Auburn’s classes are usually videotaped, and students enrolled in the online program can watch them live or on-demand whenever it is best for them. What distinguishes this program apart is its dedication to serving both traditional and online students similarly, holding all categories to superior learning standards and student engagement.


Old Dominion University has earned a slot in our top 3. Over 20,000 students attend this public school in Norfolk, Virginia, which is consistently named among the top in the US. This reputation stems from a long history of academic quality at ODU, which has positioned it as a prestigious university in the region.

All undergraduate students have access to ODU’s online programs, which are virtually the same classes presented on the Virginia campusโ€“with the same teachers and curriculum.

ODU promotes itself as a dynamic curriculum for students that want flexibility, with over 12,000 online graduates to date. Students can submit homework and even take tests online, regardless of where they are.


Located at the heart of learning in the South, the University of Alabama at Birmingham enjoys a worldwide reputation for academic excellence.

As a long-standing member of the AACSB International Education Network, UAB is proud to offer online degrees in business administration and accounting (though the option remains to take classes in hybrid formats as well).

Online accounting students at UAB can expect to meet a wide range of accounting majors and minors because the university offers a variety of degree programs. Students will get a thorough understanding of fundamental accounting principles and be able to manage their careers as a result of the curriculum.


There is no online program that can be truly successful without offering an excellent education to all of its students in some way.

This is particularly the case at the University of Arkansas โ€“ Little Rock, where students can enroll in over 450 courses each semester and obtain their degrees.

Students who actively participate in the online program also earn a discount on their tuition, making UALR’s online education a practical and inexpensive option.

University of Memphis

Over 17,000 students attend the University of Memphis, which is located in Memphis, Tennessee. The University of Memphis is a forward-thinking institution that has profited from planning in identifying the change to digital education.

As a result, they are one of the top universities for virtual learning in the country. With a wide range of virtual undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Professionally, those who complete this course of study are well-equipped to enter the accounting field, whether it be in the public or private sector.

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In fact, WSU students do differ from those at other schools, as many of their peers and former classmates testify. Washington State University is an academic powerhouse that helps its students make a positive impact on people’s lives by providing them with access to some of the country’s best researchers and intellectuals.

WSU’s accounting program offers online courses that make use of technological advancements to present expert-level training to students wherever they may be.

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