Becker Simulated Exams: Everything You Need to Know

Becker CPA conducts simulated examinations because they feel that more preparation leads to increased exam day competence.

In each portion of the course, they provide two different kinds of simulated examinations. Both are handcrafted rather than automatically generated.

To ensure accuracy, the simulated examinations adhere closely to the real exam’s structure. They have the same number of questions, scoring, and ability level as the real test.

Each time you attempt one, you’ll be able to see wherever you need even more help, go over that topic and important content again, and then complete another simulated exam to see how far you’ve progressed. The aim is to train you as often as necessary for the actual exam day.

Benefits of using Becker Simulated Exams

Study more effectively.

Their study planner gives you the resources you need to organize your learning time so you can get the most out of it.

Interactive tools help you measure your preparedness on a regular basis, and Becker’s evaluation boosts your confidence by notifying you of spots where you can improve.

Execute your CPA study timetable regularly once you’ve developed a realistic timeline. You’ll gain focus faster if you stick to your CPA study routine.

Expert advice

All of your educators will be certified public accountants (CPAs) who have worked in the fields of accountancy, economics, or management. They’ve been hand-picked and thoroughly equipped to ensure your classes are fun and interesting.

Becker’s CPA trainers are held in high esteem by nearly 2,900 auditing companies as well as government and academic institutions.

Tailored learning

Becker CPA’s Adapt2U Technology, which is driven by Sana Labs’ award-winning A.I. technology, allows you to maximize your learning time. The first step in your course is to examine prior knowledge and find out where you need more help.

Furthermore, it continuously evaluates your knowledge while you learn. It personalizes practice exams according to the areas you have to improve at the end of each unit. This technology enables you to find the most optimal and successful study strategy for passing the CPA Exam.

Final Review

With exam day approaching, you’ll probably need some additional assistance with most of the difficult materials.

With never-before-seen updated lectures, objective questions, and mock tests developed to enhance your depth of knowledge during critical moments before the exam day, their Final Review increases your preparedness for the most extensively tested concepts.

Becker CPA Final Review is available in four parts or as a single sheet if you need more help with a definite concept.

Exam-preparation resources

Preparation is key when it comes to exams. Everything they provide to help you prepare for the exam, from sample questions to task-based exercises to mock exams, is set up to look just like the real thing.

You’ll have a more realistic experience as a result, and you’ll know what’s coming when it’s time to take the test.

Up-to-date and helpful

Becker CPA seeks advice from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) about possible exam adjustments on a regular basis.

They update their materials based on this feedback, so you can study for the actual data you’ll see on the latest exam.

You will not be studying topics or concepts that are obsolete or outdated.

At a current rate of $2,299, Becker is among the most expensive prep courses students can choose. But when compared to other courses in its price range, Becker is by far the best value due to its comprehensive study materials and fantastic support!

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Becker Simulated Exam Pricing

Becker is one of the costliest prep courses available, costing $2,299 right now. If you’re looking for a course that’s reasonably priced yet offers a lot of value, Becker is your best bet.

If you aren’t one of the fortunate few whose employer will cover the cost, you still have options. Becker’s Premium and Advantage courses, while not as feature-rich, include plenty of useful study materials at a cheaper cost. You should also look into Becker’s 0% financing option or see if you qualify for a discounted price.

Becker Simulated Exam FAQ

Can I use Becker CPA Review learning material after I pass the CPA exam?

Yes! Becker provides CPE classes to help certified public accountants keep their licenses current. You can pay for their on-demand content and live podcasts on a yearly basis.

πŸ’²Does Becker CPA Review offer financial assistance?

Yes! Those who want aid in paying Becker’s tuition can sign up for a convenient payment plan. These payment plans are available for any product valued at $500 or more, and they are available in 3-month, 9-month, or 18-month instalments β€” all of which are interest-free!



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