CPA Exams: Everything You Need to Know

In order to become a Certified Public Accountant in the United States, one must pass the Uniform CPA Examination (CPA Exam).

Your path to earning your CPA license will be difficult but worthwhile. This article aims to make sure you have the guidance and techniques you need to succeed. There are numerous steps to the process, but you must first understand the fundamentals.

To get a CPA license, you must complete three steps: education, examination, and experience. However, in some licensing states, you may possibly have to take a final Ethics exam.

So, how do you get your CPA license?

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Check your eligibility.

You can find out if you satisfy the required qualifications for the CPA Exam by going to the NASBA site. With just 120 credit hours, most applicants will be eligible to sit for an Exam section, nevertheless, you should check with your local exam board. NASBA’s International Evaluation Services can assist you in determining if you are eligible for CPA licensure if you reside outside the United States.

Send your application in.

Submit an application as soon as you’ve confirmed your eligibility. Fill out the application and upload the needed paperwork for verification using the NASBA’s CPA Central portal. You’ll receive your Notice to Schedule (NTS) after you’ve been confirmed, which is active for 6 months and enables you to set – up your CPA Exam segment.

Make a schedule for the CPA Exam segment.

Utilize your NTS to arrange your exam day through Prometrics after you’ve decided when you intend to sit for your CPA Exam section. Candidates from the United States can take the CPA Exam anywhere around the world. Outside of the United States, foreign applicants may not even be able to take part in the exam at all prometric facilities. You should look into the various testing venues that are open to you.

Prepare for the CPA Exam

Each part of the CPA Exam is a full evaluation of the necessary professional expertise and competencies for initial licensing. You’ll work through each section one by one, so ensure adequate use of all the techniques and support provided to you, such as the CPA Exam Blueprints and CPA Exam Sample Tests.

CPA Exam Preparation

You’ll require Eighteen months to complete all four parts of the CPA Exam with a minimum of 75 points. The CPA Exam is given on a regular basis year-round, allowing you to test whenever it is most beneficial for you. Before applying for your license, be sure you’ve completed all four examination parts.

Obtain your license by submitting an application.

Ensure that you have the necessary academic credit hours before registering for your license. In general, you’ll need 150 credits with an accounting specialization.

It comprises 30 hours of accounting and 24 hours of business management coursework. At least 15 hours have to be at the graduate or upper-division level.

In terms of experience, all candidates for licensing must have at least one year (about 2,000 hours) of experience, which must be confirmed by a registered CPA. Work experience in accountancy, auditing, financial reporting, or taxation is required.

It’s essential to double-check your state’s specific minimum qualifications.

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