12 thoughts on “Facebook Marketplace Near Me – How to Buy and Sell on Facebook Marketplace”

  1. Hi I just sold small tables an marketplace. She pays my from her account to market place. I can’t find my money. Please help

  2. Why I can’t open my marketplace.. Why facebook always reject of me .please open again ..i can’t selling something

  3. “If you are making use of a web browser, you can find the Marketplace on the left side of the Facebook page.”
    It is NOT there and I’ve tried searching for it and come up with nothing. Why can’t I see Marketplace?

  4. Too much trouble, it takes you to site after site of the same thing. Before they changed this, I shipped everyday. I thought for sure they would have replaced the person or persons building this site. It’s total aggravation, you get so upset trying to reach marketplace, it becomes “not worth the trouble”

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