How to Cancel Google Voice 2022

Google Voice is a service which can help you communicate with your friends and loved one. It can allow you to share your numbers to a lot of phones. What you can do with Google Voice include the screening of calls, blocking numbers, and codifying calls. If you want to cancel your Google Voice account, then this post will guide you.

How to Delete Your Google Voice Account

Two things you can do is either off Google voice or unsubscribe Google Voice.  Google Voice can’t be deleted if you use it collaboratively with sprint or you have transfer number. Your data will not be eliminated if you delete your Google Voice number and messages will be stuck to your inbox.

Delete a Google Voice account, do this
  • Head on to the google voice website,
  •  Sign In
  • Click on the menu option
  • Pick settings
  • Disable voice note

What Happens to My Google Voice Account?

After deletion, there is usually a ninety days wait for you to retrieve your number or else the number will be someone else’s. So you have to ensure you don’t need the number anymore.

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