How to Delete Your SoundCloud Account 2020

Soundcloud is one of the most used music apps in the world. It was launched in 2007 and has amassed a large number of users. Soundcloud users can upload and share their audio files.Β  It has a simple interface which has won the hearts of musicians and fans alike. The app also has an excellent design with a friendly user interface.

But the app has been widely criticised lately for its inability to generate income for artists. Competitors like Spotify and Apple Music, have won a lot of erstwhile Soundclound users with their innovative features and pricing strategy. If you are planning to delete your Soundcloud account, this article is for you.

Steps to Delete Your SoundCloud Account

You can’t delete your SoundCloud account by uninstalling the app. It is also not possible to delete your account through Soundcloud App. Soundcloud account delete is done through its website.

  • The first thing to do is to disconnect any app that is linked to your SoundCloud Account.
  • Log in on the SoundCloud website —
  • Click on the account deletion link at the bottom of the account link, after clicking on the settings option.
  • You will be asked why you are deleting your account, and you can pick from the options.
  • Confirm deletion.

After the deletion of your account, then you are expected to wipe off the app from your device and disable sharing on other social media platforms.

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